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How does an opera production come to life? What is the activity at the backstage before the curtain rises for the first time? Choosing the title, designing the sets, coordinating artistic and technical staff, manufacturing the costumes, the props, preparing the rehearsals… all the elements that play a role before the premiere.

Activity for all publics which allows to know Les Arts from its core: the stage of Sala Principal. This proposal offers the opportunity to have a look at the costumes or make-up workshops and see where the singers’ dressing rooms are located. These working areas, that the public never visits during a performance, are crucial for the good result of the performance.

An intergenerational experience to understand what an opera is and how it comes true.

-General price
-Subscribers price
-Mentor price (with a young person)
-Young people price

21 October 2018
12.00 h

…Die Zauberflöte
2 December 2018
12.00 h

…I Masnadieri
9 February 2019
12.00 h

…Rigoletto (EOD)
4 May 2019
12.00 h

…Lucia di Lammermoor
23 June 2019
12.00 h

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