5 and 6 April - 9:00 pm
Sala Principal

Sara Baras, that still hangs onto the usual flamenco to take us one step further, will captivate us once more and bring us to the dimension where feelings are on edge.

Sara Baras proposes a journey through time, colors, silence and hustle and bustle, crowd and solitude, light and shadows. These shadows that come after us, or with us, will always amaze us. A walk where the permanent evolution of Sara Baras will allow us to recognize all her career; we will glimpse new spaces that will remind us inevitably the unmistakable aroma of the work done from the heart.

This show was born from the enormous shadow of the farruca, that has always been close to Sara, growing with her, mixing up many times the projection and what is projected. She will also take the audience to new places in which they can identify themselves, places to rest or places in which they may wish to become part of the company, in order to go with her towards the adventure of feeling, to become a note of the guitar or an accurate caress of the cajón, to abandon oneself after the quejíos (complaints) of the voices or to hold strongly onto the fulness of the dresses.

The areas for people with restricted mobility DO NOT HAVE seats and/or are reserved for people that need an easy access to the venue.

Under 16 only allowed to access the venue if accompanied by their legal guardian or an authorized adult.

Assistants being 16 or 17 years old can access alone if they deliver the under 18 authorization duly filled in by their father, mother or legal guardian.