Luisa Fernanda

Federico Moreno Torroba

15, 18, December 22, 2014 • 9 January 12, 2015 - The functions start at 20.00 h . Sundays and holidays, at 19:00
Sala Principal
Lyrical comedy in three acts
Libretto by Federico Romero and Guillermo Fernandez Shaw
Music by Federico Moreno Torroba

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Dirección musical
Jordi Bernàcer

Dirección de escena y espacio escénico
Emilio Sagi

Pepa Ojanguren

Eduardo Bravo

Teatro Real de Madrid

Ballet de la Generalitat

Inmaculada Gil-Lázaro, directora

Cor de la Generalitat Valenciana
Francesc Perales
, director

Orquestra de la Comunitat Valenciana

Luisa Fernanda
Davinia Rodríguez

Vidal Hernando
Plácido Domingo

Carolina Isabel Rey
Javier Celso Albelo (15, 18, 22)
José Bros (9, 12)

María José Suárez

Aníbal / vareador
Vicenç Esteve

Sandra Ferrández

Don Florito
Juansa Lloret

Don Luis Nogales
Miguel Sola

Bizco Porras
David Rubiera

El Saboyano
Emilio Sánchez

Don Lucas
David Fruci *

Germán Olvera *

Vendedora de cocos
Carmen Avivar **

Vendedor de abanicos
José Enrique Requena **

Un hombre
Bonifaci Carrillo **

Pollo primero
Lluís Martínez **

Pollo segundo
Antonio Gómez **

Una niña
Pau Castells

* Centre de Perfeccionament Plácido Domingo
** Cor de la Generalitat Valenciana


ACT I. Madrid last days of the reign of Elizabeth II. Plaza de San Javier. Mariana innkeeper talks with the Rosita seamstress. On the same square the retired officer Don Florito lives with her daughter Luisa Fernanda, who is in love with the military Javier Moreno. This, after extended absences, finally goes to visit her just as she is in church. Javier While waiting in the square, the revolutionary Luis Nogales and his friend Aníbal try to convince him to join the Republican cause. Noting that the Carolina waitress Queen, Duchess listen to them, they get into the inn. Meanwhile comes Luisa Fernanda visibly sad at not seeing Javier. Mariana comforts advising him to forget about it and pay attention to the rich landowner Extremadura Vidal Hernando who is staying at his inn. Luisa flirts with him a while, but eventually gives pumpkins after confessing that she loves Javier. When victorious Hannibal tells his colleague Javier Vidal who support the revolution, Vidal, furious, declaring monarchical provided to contradict his rival. On the way home Luisa Javier is seduced by Carolina, before the incredulous eyes of Hannibal and Vidal, who sense that Javier will monarchist after falling into the arms of the duchess. Luisa Fernanda faints shocked by the betrayal. Despite being monarchist like his father, he decides to join, out of spite, the revolutionaries.

ACT II. Around the Church of San Antonio. Carolina Vidal tries to pass the royalist side. But it is in vain. He will remain with the Republicans so to protect Louise. Moreover, Mariana and Rosita have not succeeded in collecting alms for the holy, so Carolina proposed to auction the dance. Vidal surpasses all men in the bid to dance with Carolina, including Javier, who gives dancing as a gesture of contempt. He accepts after throwing his glove as a sign of challenge.
Days later, in the streets of Madrid began the first clashes between monarchists and republicans. In the first fight Vidal Javier demolishes the horse and he is at the mercy of the revolutionaries, but finally is saved by Luisa. Later, monarchists and counter-attack after releasing Javier, suffocate the rebellion, which ended with the arrest of Nogales as the main instigator. Javier and Carolina embrace victorious. Luisa Vidal promises to marry.