Don Pasquale

Gaetano Donizetti

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Opera buffa in three acts.
Libretto by Giovanni Ruffini and Gaetano Donizetti, text adapted for the opera Angelo Anelli Stefano Pavesi Ser Marcantonio.
Premiere: Paris, January 3, 1843, Théâtre-Italien.

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Dirección musical
Roberto Abbado

Dirección de escena
Jonathan Miller
Rodula Gaitanou

Maggio Musicale Fiorentino
Cor de la Generalitat Valenciana
Francesc Perales
, director

Orquestra de la Comunitat Valenciana

Don Pasquale
Michele Pertusi

Nadine Sierra

Maxim Mironov

Artur Ruciński
Germán Olvera (3)

Un notario
Shi Zong*

*Centre de Perfeccionament Plácido Domingo


Act I

Don Pasquale, a rich old bachelor, demands that his nephew Ernesto leave his girlfriend Norina, a young widow and penniless, and marrying a rich girl he has sought him out. Ernesto, madly in love with Norina, refuses. Don Pasquale, ready to give a warning to the boy, decides to disinherit him and announces that he shall marry, specifically with the sister of his friend Malatesta, a beautiful and innocent girl to whom you will meet shortly. Meanwhile, Malatesta has Norina a plan that has been devised to outwit Don Pasquale with the aim that it consents to Ernesto and she marry: Norina will be presented to Don Pasquale as Sophronia, the sister Malatesta has in the convent, and false notary will unite in marriage. So Norina start making life miserable old.

Act II

Ernesto, who was killed after being rejected by his uncle, has decided to forgo Norina to prevent her to be unhappy living with him in poverty. Malatesta has finally Don Pasquale to his shy sister Sophronia. This is delighted and notary prepares to marry them. Ernesto, who at that time was to say goodbye to his uncle and leave the house forever, almost ruins everything is warning that actually Norina Sophronia. But the business Malatesta convinces him to the mess seconder. After the ceremony, Sophronia is transformed into a whimsical and extravagant women before the puzzled look of Don Pasquale.


The married life of Don Pasquale is an absolute hell. The excessive costs of his wife and intolerable behavior will have embittered existence. Sophronia is preparing to go to the theater alone. The old man tries to stop her, but she gives him a slap. Upon leaving, deliberately left Sofronia drop a note in which he reveals a date with her lover in the garden that night. Don Pasquale try to catch them red-handed with the help of Malatesta.

Later, in the garden, the love affair of Norina and Ernesto takes place. Don Pasquale approaches to surprise, but Ernesto flee unrecognized. Sofronia denies his guilt to her husband. So Malatesta intervenes and proposes as a punishment to come to live in the house Ernesto and Norina. Sophronia, indignadísima, says he is not willing to stay in the same home with another woman. He will leave the next day. Don Pasquale, who finally sees the possibility of getting rid of his wife, immediately called his nephew and granted permission for you to marry Norina. When it is discovered that Norina Sophronia and the same person, Don Pasquale realizes that he has been mocked and forgives all.