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Request for change of performance

  • Management of Change of Seat Location is an additional service provided by the Theatre for season ticket holders.
  • Requests for changes will only be possible for events with two or more performances.
  • The number of seats available per performance for this management is limited for technical and production reasons, and the reserved seating capacity may vary for these purposes from that available for general ticket sales. All changes will be subject to availability of the existing seating capacity at the time for this management.
  • Depending on the available seating capacity, seats in the same price range as the season ticket will be offered first, and changes to seats of a lower category can be managed if agreed by the interested party, but no refunds will be made for differences in seating location prices. Changes to seating locations of a higher category will not be made.
  • Changes will only be permitted for 2 performances per season.
  • The period for applying for changes for performance days, regardless of the date scheduled for the performance, will open 1 month prior to the premiere of the performance and will close 5 days before the premiere.
  • Managing these changes must be applied for in the corresponding Performance Day Change Application Form available at which can be sent by e-mail to the following address:, by fax on +34 961 97 59 01, or delivering them in person at the Les Arts Ticket Offices.
  • The Theatre, after studying the possibilities of handling the requested change, will confirm the season ticket holder either by telephone or by e-mail, as to the results of the application. This confirmation is necessary as proof of acceptance of the requested change.

Once a change has been made and accepted by the season ticket holder, it will not be possible to make any further changes or modifications under any circumstances.

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