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General conditions

The purchase and renewal of Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía season tickets are ruled by the following General Conditions, implying full acceptance of each of them.

Season tickets are renewed automatically and the right to the same seat is guaranteed. The ownership of a season ticket does not assume a vested right, since the renovation of the season ticket is a preferential service which the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía, Fundació de la Comunitat Valenciana, offers its season ticket holders. The Palau de les Arts may require use of certain season ticket seats, providing the season ticket holder with seats of the same category. Likewise, it reserves the right to refuse the renewal of season tickets if circumstances so demand.

The season ticket is personal, but its use is transferable. The transfer of ownership of season tickets is not permitted. Transactions concerning a season ticket can only be handled at the request of the holder.

The Palau de les Arts reserves the right to cancel season tickets if their purchase or renewal price is not paid, and to refuse subsequent renewals for the same reasons. In the case of payment by instalment, the non-payment of any instalment as indicated will mean that full payment is due for the remaining cost of the season ticket.

Any change in bank details must be notified during the Updating of Details period. Direct Debit bank account details may not be modified during the period when instalment payments are due.

Season tickets must be renewed prior to request for any change in seat day and time and/or seat location.

Requests, both for acquisition of new season tickets, and for change of seat day and time and/or seat location, will be dealt with in strict order of arrival and according to the availability of seats, following the time limits and conditions indicated for this purpose. All the application periods on the dates mentioned in the Season Ticket Campaign will start at 10.00 and will end at 18.00, and requests received either before or after the dates and times indicated will not be valid.

The seats included in the assignation for season tickets in the Sala Principal will have their corresponding seats in the Auditori for all the performances programmed in this building within one seat day and time option.

Resale of season tickets and seats is not permitted by the Palau de les Arts.

Seats acquired through season tickets are subject to the General Conditions of Sale for seats as set out by the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía, Fundació de la Comunitat Valenciana.

Neo season tickets are only aimed at young people under 30, holding the corresponding Youth Card. Mentor season ticket holders can acquire as many Neo season tickets as season tickets he/she has under his/her name. Neo season tickets are limited to 20 tickets within one seat day and time option, and can only be renewed for an additional season provided that the holder is still under 30.

The Palau de les Arts reserves the Right of Admission.

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