Advantages - Les Arts


Availability of the same seat in the Sala Principal, and its equivalent in the Auditori.

Option to change season-ticket holder performance day or time and/or seat, following the procedures and dead-lines for request set out for the purpose.

Option to change season-ticket holder seats for others for the same show on a different day.

Automatic renewal of your season ticket by direct debit. Option to pay in 3 instalments.

Discount on season ticket seat prices. 15% discount lump sum payment; 10 % payment in instalments.

15% or 10% discount in any additional purchase.

25% discount lump sum payment or 20% discount payment in instalments, during the Preferential Sales Period for the acquisition of tickets other than your season ticket.

Last minute discount. 50% discount on the price of performances, from Monday to Thursday,  on the day of performance.

Preferential Sales Period exclusive for season ticket holders to purchase additional tickets.

Exclusive information and services for season-ticket holders.

Discount on services at the L’Umbracle Car Park in the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències.

10% discount on the price of Contrapunto restaurant.

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