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Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility s’arrela in a universal perspective of the paradigm of the corporations. Corporate social responsibility proposes to pose ethics in the center of business, and business in the center of ethics. Hui day, the organizations will have to respond so much to them as setens pretensions (qualitat de productes o serveis) com pels seus impactes (economics, socials, environmentals) to the seés parts interests (directly or not linked to your business, fins and tot els xiquets per nàixer). Awareness of its role for the local artistic development and cultural influence proposed by the city and the Valencian Community, Les Arts intends to lead the movement that invites the corporations to transform social responsibility into a competitive avantatge, a vector of shared value creation .
Les Arts, per essència, develops artistic and cultural activities that generate a positive social impact, in line with the 17 objects of sustainable development of the United Nations. In particular, Les Arts intends to contribute to bé estar (objectiu 3), to an education of qualitat (objectiu 4), and to pau, justice and les institutions institutions (objectiu 16). The vertader repte Les Arts is not limited to unwrapping the thousands of practical responsibilities of social responsibility internally, if not fostering the commitment of the seues parts integrants (the business teixit valencià in particular) between the arts and culture as a strategic strategy social responsibility policy.

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