Palau de les Arts, 17th May 2019, 9:00 pm

Captivating and real, Zenet (Málaga 1967) is an Andalusian crooner with a hat and a prodigious voice. Los mares de China (The seas of China) (2008), his first and surprising album, brought him notoriety as he received the Music Award to the Best Revelation Artist. An album that, as the best canvas, can become a classic, one of those that stay forever. Zenet, presents now La Guapería, a new album with ancient Cuban boleros. Zenet has adapted them, no matter if these songs are recent ones, or are more than sixty years old -or even more-; to sing them now, his way, implies challenging the remembrance of those voices that were unique:  Bola de Nieve or Celeste Mendoza, Olga Guillot or Rolando Laserie, Nelson Pinedo or Marta Valdés, or singing for the first time, with his voice, a new bolero, with the style and phrasing of the fifties.