José Mercé and Tomatito

8 juny 2019 - 21:00 h
Flamenco is back to dress up for a gala

José Mercé and Tomatito, two old friends whose paths crossed in many occasions, have gathered once more to record a new album together and tour their music in the most important stages of the world. Their aim is clear, to revendicate flamenco as music, culture, and raise it to the category it deserves.

Their union is going to become history with De verdad, an album of pure flamenco, more classical that one could imagine, with original and unpublished songs, of many different styles, tangos, alegrías, seguiriyas, soleás, bulerías, granaínas…

On stage, supported by two guitarists, a bass guitarist, a percussionist, palmeros and choirs. Ten people on stage in a show with a huge intensity of sensations and feelings.

José Mercé and Tomatito, with a career of more than 50 years and the same illusion they had on the first day have initiated a very ambitious and beautiful project. In the best moment of their careers, Mercé and Tomatito, Tomatito and Mercé, are on the verge of writing a gold chapter in the history of flamenco. Their turn.