Manon Lescaut

Giacomo Puccini

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Lyrical drama in four acts by Giacomo Puccini · Music
Libretto by Marco Praga , Domenico Oliva, Luigi Illica , Giuseppe Giacosa and Giulio Ricordi based on the novel Histoire du Chevalier des Grieux et Manon Lescaut of Abbé Prévost
Premiere : Turin, Teatro Regio , February 1, 1893.

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Dirección musical: Plácido Domingo, Jordi Bernàcer (27)

Dirección de escena: Stephen Medcalf

Escenografía y vestuario: Jamie Vartan

Iluminación: Simon Corder

Producción: Teatro Regio di Parma,

Cor de la Generalitat Valenciana: Francesc Perales, director

Orquestra de la Comunitat Valenciana

Manon Lescaut
María José Siri
Olga Busuioc (27)

Renato des Grieux
Rafael Dávila

Germán Olvera * 

Geronte de Ravoir
Stephen Milling

Matthew Peña

Luigi Roni

Mariam Battistelli *

Maestro de baile
David Astorga *

Valentino Buzza

Ernesto Petti  *

Francesco Salvadori

* Centre de Perfeccionament Plácido Domingo


ACT I. Amiens. Spacious square next to the Puerta de Paris. Students led by Edmondo and his friend Renato Des Grieux flirt with the villagers. A carriage stop at the inn. In her travel a girl of eighteen, Manon Lescaut and his brother treasurer general rich in years, Geronte, towards the convent where Manon must enter in order of their parents. Des Grieux is captivated by the beauty of Manon on sight and declares his love. Geronte, who feels an uncontrollable desire for the young, aims to kidnap, for ordering the landlord to come and prepare the float. Edmondo listening old plans and informs Des Grieux, Manon who flees immediately. Geronte tries to chase. However, Lescaut makes him stop after explaining that his sister covets wealth, something that can not provide you a student as Des Grieux. If the patient is old, he will get Manon to him.

ACT II. After leaving Des Grieux, Manon now lives under the protection of Geronte in his luxury Paris home, as predicted Lescaut. While young primping before the mirror, receives a visit from his brother. Lescaut follows that the girl is not happy and part immediately for Des Grieux. Soon after, he bursts into the room and began a heated argument with Manon, which ends in a reconciler and passionate embrace, at which the lovers are discovered by Geronte. The rich man, betrayed, march to report it to authorities. Manon entertains gathering jewels to take them. When going to run away with her lover, the guard stopped accused of prostitution.

ACT III. Esplanade near the port of Le Havre. Manon is in prison awaiting deportation to the United States. Lescaut and Des Grieux rescue plan, but are discovered at the last moment. Gradually the port is busy. Prostitutes are conducted chained to the ship in which they are deported, in the eyes and cruel comments from the crowd. Des Grieux, desperate to see Manon pass between them, begs the captain to let him go on his ship as a cabin boy, to which he agrees.

ACT IV. Desert in the confines of the territory of New Orleans. Manon and Des Grieux, wearing very poor clothing, walking fatigued by the vast and arid terrain. She can barely stand. His beloved is underway in search of water and shelter for the night. She, alone and knowing that has left few minutes of life, remember their happy days in Paris. Des Grieux returns precipitously and is delirious. He kisses her and tries to comfort her in vain. Manon dies in his arms.