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Les Arts volant


Les Arts Volant is a cultural dissemination project of the Palau de les Arts in collaboration with the Diputació de València and the City Council of Valencia to send the opera to any corner of our geography, especially to places with little musical activity or where it would be difficult to take to carry out a representation for lacking the necessary technical means or facilities.

This proposal also intends that the inhabitants of residential centers of the population with a shortage of economic resources can see an opera that is represented near their homes. It is about making visible – and itinerant at the same time – the fascinating world of opera and being able to enjoy art and beauty without having to move. From the most central square, to the most peripheral neighborhood. In short, Les Arts Volant aims to bring the citizens of our Community a cultural asset that is everyone’s heritage.

Inspired by the theater company La Barraca, by Federico García Lorca, which represented classic Spanish plays in more than 70 villages during the early 1930s, Les Arts creates its itinerant opera company that travels in a large truck prepared to transform into stage on arrival at the square of any town and, subsequently, offer a live opera.