We need extras for the production of Requiem which Palau de les Arts will prepare during August, September and October 2020.

Candidates must fill in the form on our web page and send a video on which they replicate the movements on this link.

Send a zip file with your CV and a full body picture. The video must be sent by WeTransfer.

Old woman: 70 years old and on. She has to have a good presence, preferably with short grey hair.

Actions to be carried out and sent by video:

Walk from the back toward the camera, turn and coming back.

Then come in front again and go on the knees. Stand up, walk to the right and take something from the floor (a piece of paper or different). Take the object and go to sit on a chair. Pause. Drink a glass of water.

Young woman: from 25 to 30 years old. She has to have a good presence on stage, not necessary a dancer, but also an actress with good physical background. She has to be thin, give the impression of fragility. Better blonde, or light brown hair.

Actions to be carried out and sent by video:

Improvisation of some movements lying on the floor and using a spoon. It will be a plus if she can replicate the choreography on this link.

Young girl: 8-9 years old. Good in presence, and concentration. Feeling good on stage. She will be coloured with make-up, colours and honey.

Actions to be carried out and sent by video:

Walk from the back toward the camera, then go back. Repeat this action for twice and each time walk to the front with a precise attitude, a feeling she wants to communicate.

Holding a piece of fabric or a towel, open the towel in front of the face, touch the towel with the nose like is she wants to smell it, then let a side to the towel falling down, put it on the floor and press it with the hands and the feet to the ground. Then take it back, fold it with precision and exit.

Young man: from 30 to 35 years old. 175\180 cm height. Good presence and simple gestures.

No video is needed.

Old men: we need 3 old men around 70 years old. They have to be naked, the scene is dark.

No video is needed.

Mother with baby: the baby will be 6-7 month old in September. He\she has to be left alone on stage. The mother has to appear on stage to put the baby in position.

Actions to be carried out and sent by video:

baby playing with some toys on a carpet or on the floor.

The rehearsal dates are from 25 August to 25 September 2020, specific days to be confirmed.

The performance dates are: 27, 30 September, and 2, 4, 6 and 8 October 2020.

The selection will be done after examining the material received.

Candidates need to have a work permit, full availability and to be over 18 years old.

The deadline to send the application is on July 21st, and the results will be published on July 24th.

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