La tabernera del puerto

Pablo Sorozábal

27 October, 3 November 2019 · 6:00 pm
29, 31 October 2019 · 8:00 pm
2 November 2019 · 7:00 pm
Sala Principal
Romance marinero in three acts
Libretto by Federico Romero and Guillermo Fernández-Shaw,
based on Romancillo marinero by Federico Romero

Guillermo García-Calvo

Stage Director
Mario Gas

Set Designer
Ezio Frigerio
Riccardo Massironi

Costume Designer
Franca Squarciapino

Lighting Designer
Vinicio Cheli

Stage movements
Aixa Guerra

Álvaro Luna

Teatro de La Zarzuela

Marina Monzó

Juan de Eguía
Àngel Òdena

Antonio Gandía

Rubén Amoretti

Ruth González

Vicky Peña

Pep Molina

Ángel Ruiz

Abel García

Gaizka Ugarte

Vicent Domingo

Magdalena Aizpurúa

Elisa Morris

Ángel Burgos

Cor de la Generalitat Valenciana
Chorus master Francesc Perales

Orquesta de la Comunitat Valenciana

The action takes place in Cantabreda, an imaginary village on the northern coast of Spain.

Act I
Ripalda, who owns the Café del Vapor, is envious of the success of the tavern that stands opposite his premises. The tavern is run by Juan de Eguía, and he is losing business because of the beautiful barmaid Marola. Verdier, a sailor from Marseilles, arrives to talk to Juan de Eguía, sparking off the mistrust of old Simpson, who the tavern keeper keeps in line with songs and drink. Both men enter the café to guarantee they won’t be overheard, whilst outside Chinchorro, a boozy sailor, bumps into his wife Antigua, who also likes her drink. What appears to be the start of an epic row, ends with both of them holding each other up as they leave.

Juan de Eguía reappears and forces Marola to take advantage of the passion she has awakened in a young sailor, Leandro, and persuade him to collect something for De Eguía with his yacht. The young woman obeys the tavern keeper’s wishes, although she tries to keep the young man at a distance when they are alone. Once Leandro has left, a group of women led by Antigua bursts in and, in front of everyone, Antigua accuses Marola of seducing all the men in the village. Juan de Eguía appears and, in punishment, acts violently towards the young woman, who leaves in tears.

Act II
Inside the tavern the next day, Marola and Juan de Eguía are entertaining the regulars with their songs. Away from the crowd, Simpson warns Leandro about a favour that Marola is going to ask of him: to collect a package containing cocaine with his boat. Leandro does not believe that Marola is capable of doing anything like that. He finds out from Antigua that Juan de Eguía has hit Marola and is furious, but Marola confesses to him that Juan de Eguía is her father, not her husband as everyone believes. She agrees to go with him in the boat that night and the sailor leaves.

Once more Marola tries to stop Juan de Eguía from using Leandro to carry out his dirty work for him, but the tavern keeper is uncompromising. Leandro appears with the locals and he learns of what happened the day before. The sailor confronts the tavern keeper in front of everyone, and when they are alone Juan de Eguía offers Leandro the love of Marola if he collects the drugs for him. The young man agrees. The conciliatory attitude of both men surprises everyone as the curtain falls.

In Leandro’s boat, Leandro and Marola sing about their love. A storm breaks out and they are both swallowed up by the sea. In front of the tavern once more, the townsfolk lament the fate of both young people. Overcome by remorse, Juan de Eguía confesses to being Marola’s father and leading her to her death. But Simpson arrives with the news that Leandro and Marola are alive, although they have been arrested by the carabineers, accused of smuggling. Then Juan de Eguía confesses to being the perpetrator of the crime and is arrested. He affectionately bids farewell to the couple, who are free to leave.

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25 October 2019, Sala Principal

28 October 2019, Aula Magistral

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