25th and 26th September - 9:00 pm







Almost 50 years ago Serrat embarked in a fragile paper boat in search of new horizons and as Ulysses did, he also encountered mermaid songs, Polyphemus and Cyclops, he fell in love with beautiful Nausicaas and Circes, went down to Hades, hell and after surviving to adventures and dangers, he is back home, maybe wiser and more convinced than before.

That is the reason for the new title of the show: MEDITERRANEO DA CAPO, with which he has decided to unfurl sails to navigate again with his album Mediterráneo (1971) as the axis of the concert with which the Catalan songwriter sets sails.

During the trip we will remember the 10 songs of that basic album in which jewels such as Lucía, Aquellas pequeñas cosas, Pueblo blanco, Barquito de papel and the mythical Mediterráneo will navigate together with the best of his vast repertoire and some new musical surprises.