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L’òpera en construcció


The Palau de les Arts offers to students of Compulsory Secondary Education and High School, the possibility to know in detail the elements implied in an opera production.

Choosing an opera title and the scenography, the coordination between the artistic and technical staff, the process of rehearsals, and everything that is combined until the premiere arrives, becomes didactic material thanks to this workshop. To show the meticulous task of the several people who work at the backstage, might be a reference to guide the future professional life of the students.

It is necessary to understand what happens behind the curtain, in order to develop a better criterion when it comes to analyse the opera titles offered during the season.


Price: 6,00 € per student


12 de novembre 2020

9 de desembre de 2020

26 de gener 2021

22 de març 2021

4 de maig de 2021

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